01 March 2019 - Basildon Borough Twinning Association (BBTA) will receive increased funding to build on its existing international relationships and develop growth opportunities for the business sector.

The Communities Committee agreed on Wednesday (27 February) to increase annual funding from £6,000 to £12,000 for the remaining two years of the current Grant Funding Agreement.

This will enable the association to broaden its work within the twin towns of Heiligenhaus in Germany and Meaux in France, including participating in European sports tournaments, developing new links between schools and colleges and forming an engineering exchange.

Last night (Thursday 28 February) the Economic Development and Growth Committee endorsed a series of proposals designed to broaden the scope of BBTA activities by providing opportunities for local companies to access new markets and grow their customer base. These include education exchanges and businesses networking events.

Cllr Andrew Schrader, Chairman of the Economic Development and Growth Committee, said: "Basildon Borough Twinning Association is a fantastic organisation which exists to develop cultural activities, promote sporting participation and build on our relationship with our two European twin towns. Its work is thriving, but it has the potential to grow much further with the help of increased funding.

"By further supporting the association we believe we can work even closer with Meaux and in particular Heligenhaus to enable local companies to find new trade partners, share best practice and exchange skilled staff. We are committed to doing all we can to support business growth in the borough and promote it as a place to invest."