The Community Safety Partnership (CSP), known locally as the Safer Basildon Partnership, is a statutory body required by the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 to formulate a strategy to reduce crime and disorder, combat substance misuse and reduce re-offending.

Image shows the Safer Basildon Partnership Brand LogoIn Basildon the responsible authority group, known locally as the Partnership Board, who all have a statutory responsibility to reduce crime and disorder, protect the community and help people feel safe are:

Community Safety Partnerships (CSP's) do not replace the work of the Police or the day to day business of the organisations involved, instead they are seen as clear routes for agencies working together, delivering against agreed priorities, co-ordinating resources, achieving efficiencies and value for money.

      The Safer Basildon Partnership Strategy 2018-2021

      The Safer Basildon Partnership's three year strategy sets out how partners aim to improve the lives of residents by reducing crime and disorder, tackling anti-social behaviour and reducing re-offending.

      Safer Basildon Partnership's vision is "Working together to make Basildon a Safer Place".

      With aims to:

      • Protect vulnerable people and play a key role in safeguarding people from abuse, harm and exploitation
      • Tackle re-offending through Integrated Offender Management (IOM)
      • Focus on early intervention, engagement and awareness approaches.

      Safer Basildon has identified the following priorities and agreed to focus its efforts and resources to implement plans to target:

      • Violence and Vulnerability
        • Knife crime and robberies
        • Possession of offensive weapons.
      • Crime Prevention and Home Safety
        • Burglary.
      • Gangs and Drug related Crime
        • Disruption of drugs lines
        • Criminal exploitation including child sexual exploitation (CSE)
        • Supporting vulnerable victims of drug related activity.
      • Anti-Social Behaviour, Domestic Abuse and Hate Crime.
      • Reoffending and IOM.

      Further information detailing planned activity within each action plan will be available in the near future once they are  formally agreed by the Safer Basildon Partnership Board.