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Efficiency Plan 2016-2020

Delivering efficiencies and delivering Value for Money have been a key part of Basildon Council's financial strategy for a number of years.

The continued significant reductions in Government funding mean that Basildon Council's budget for 2016/17 includes a target savings (or budget gap) of £0.2 million. However this gap rises, given the assumptions that the Council has used, to £9.0 million per annum by 2019/20. The Council recognises that although it has been successful in the past in delivering efficiencies this will be significantly more challenging and difficult in the future. The Council is committed to working with its neighbours and partners (in both the public and private sectors) to deliver cost effective services.

Basildon Council's Efficiency Plan 2016-2020 summarises the key activities that are planned for the next four years, in order to deliver cost effective services. It sets the targets for efficiencies and income generation that are forecast to be delivered from these activities. It also addresses the risks to delivery of the strategy and how they will be managed and mitigated if necessary.

A complete copy of Basildon Council's Efficiency Plan 2016-2020 is available here:Icon for pdf Basildon Council - Efficiency Plan 2016-2020 [4.81MB].

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