It is important that you tell us immediately about any change of circumstances, for example; when someone has moved in or out of your property.

A change in your circumstances can affect the amount of Council Tax you pay or your entitlement to Council Tax Support.

Report a Council Tax change of circumstances

Please be advised; failure to notify us of a change in your circumstances within 21 days, or applying for a discount or exemption you are not entitled to, will result in a penalty of up to £280 being issued.

SECURITY NOTICE - How to safely answer SMS text messages we send

Basildon Council may send you a text message requesting further information to support your claim. The sender ID will always appear as BasildonCNL. You will never be asked to respond to the text with information.
Where possible we advise that all information is sent to us by using the following online form:

Online form: Council Tax Contact Us Form