When you report a dangerous structure, Building Control will deal with the building so there is no threat to public safety. Our team are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to work with emergency services, if they request a surveyor on site.

After Building Control receive a report

Once a report is received, the Building Control Surveyor will visit the site as soon as possible to assess the danger and any associated risks.

If immediate action needs to remove the danger, i.e. a wall is in danger of collapse; Section 78 of the Building Act 1984 Act gives us powers to carry out remedial work immediately.

Any emergency measures taken are at the owners cost.

If Building Control knows the owner or occupier of the building/structure then they are contacted and given the opportunity to carry out works within a strict timescale.

What happens if a structure is not dangerous?

Often, the inspection shows the building/structure to be in poor condition but not dangerous. Then we can advise the owner accordingly.

If the building/structure does not require immediate action, we will recommend owners to undertake repairs within a reasonable time scale or monitor for a period. This may involve a section of the dangerous area being fenced off for public protection.

Report a Dangerous Structure

Using our online form, please tell us the location of the dangerous structure and details.

 Complete an Online Form and Notify Us of Dangerous Structures