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Freedom of Information Request

If your request is too broad we may ask you to clarify it, which means it will take longer to get the information you require.

Before you submit a request please check our Publication Scheme for the information you are after, as it may already be available, before making a formal Freedom of Information request.

Also, be clear about the format you would prefer to receive the information in, for example, by email or as a paper copy.

Submit a Freedom of Information request to Basildon Council
Link to Submit a Freedom of Information request online now

The Freedom of Information Officer
Basildon Borough Council
The Basildon Centre
St. Martin's Square
Basildon, Essex
SS14 1DL.

We aim to respond to any Freedom of Information request within 20 working days.

Any personal information you provide whilst making your request (name, address, email address) will be dealt in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations 2016.  For full details of how we look after your personal information, see our Privacy Notices.

Once your request for information has been received

Any request for information will be treated by the council as a formal request for information and the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) suggests that emails or letters are clearly marked as freedom of information or Environmental Information Regulations requests.

Under the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), verbal requests must also be treated as formal requests for information.

The Council will respond promptly to requests or, in any event, within 20 working days, although we have longer to consider whether the disclosure of normally exempt information would be in the public interest.

However, there is no extension to the time limit for considering the public interest test under Environmental Information Regulations, except where the request is big and complex.

When considering the public interest test, we will do so 'within a reasonable time.'

If the information is refused.

If we decide not to disclose information we will give reasons for not doing so, explaining how the exemption or exception applies and the arguments under the public interest test.

Under Environmental Information Regulations the public authority must reconsider its decision and reconsideration is also recommended for refusals under freedom of information.

We will also inform you of your right to complain to the Information Commissioner's Office.

The Information Commissioner's Office can help - The legal process

You may apply to the Information Commissioner's Office for a decision about whether the request has been dealt with according to the Act or the Environmental Information Regulations if, for example, you believe there has been excessive delay or if you wish to dispute the application of an exemption or refusals made on public interest grounds.

The Information Commissioner's Office may serve a decision notice on any public authority either confirming the decision made by the public authority or directing it to disclose information within a certain time.

Non-compliance with a decision notice may constitute contempt of court.

If you or the public authority disagrees with the Information Commissioner's Office's decision you have 28 days to appeal to the independent Information Tribunal.

The Information Tribunal may uphold the Information Commissioner's Office's decision notice, amend it (for example change the time frame for release of information) or overturn it.

Non-compliance with the Information Tribunal's notice may also constitute contempt of court.

  • To contact the Information Commissioner's Office helpline, phone 01625 545545.
  • To contact the Information Commissioner's Office press office, phone 020 7282 2960.