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Health and Wellbeing Policy

This Policy follows on from Basildon Council's first Health and Wellbeing Policy published in 2018, which set out the council's commitment to contribute to the joint efforts being made to promote community leadership in improving health and wellbeing and addressing the health inequalities experienced by residents living in communities across the borough.

As a member of the Basildon Health and Wellbeing Partnership1, the council plays an active and leading role in identifying ways it can contribute to and influence the achievement of better health and wellbeing outcomes for all residents.

Numerous factors can affect a person's health and wellbeing; issues such as unemployment, poor housing, access to social networks for support, and our natural surroundings to list but a few. These features and characteristics of a place can have a fundamental influence on an individual and the communities they live in. The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) prepared in 2019 has provided an evidence base from which to identify key issues that require attention in the borough. The Basildon Health and Wellbeing Partnership have agreed to focus their collective effort at this time on 3 key issues for the borough and in recognition of our support, Basildon Council will also focus on contributing to the delivery of these outcomes which are:

  •  Reducing the prevalence of adult and child obesity;
  •  Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing;
  •  And reducing health inequalities by tackling the wider determinants of health

The Health and Wellbeing Policy 2021 - 2025 also has a related Strategy which can be found here