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Planning Applications - Small scale wind turbines

Small scale wind turbines offer a way to generate your own electricity by means of a clean and renewable source.

Electricity generated with your own wind turbine can be used to help meet your domestic or business electricity needs, thus decreasing the demand placed on the mains supply. It may also be possible to store or sell any surplus electricity you generate.

Until recently, buying and installing the turbine technology was cost prohibitive for most people. However, DIY stores are now stocking relatively low cost examples for installation on domestic or business buildings.

If you are thinking about installing a small scale wind turbine on your property:-

Before doing so please read the following guidelines on planning permission and other consents you may need.

It is possible that planning permission will be required before you can install a turbine.

To be completely effective, wind turbines attached to buildings need to extend above the highest part of the roof in order to catch the wind from all directions.

Currently, wind turbines do not benefit from the same national rules (Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development Order) 1995) which apply to equipment such as television aerials, which in most cases do not need planning permission to be installed.

In the absence of such rights, Basildon Council, as the Local Planning Authority, must therefore judge whether planning permission is required for wind turbines on a case by case basis.

Find out if you need Planning Permission.

To Find out if you need Planning Permission for your wind turbine, We advise you to visit the Planning Portal - Do you need permission? web pages or the Planning Portal - Interactive House visual guide to planning requirements.

You will need to consider specific factors such as:

  • Where the turbine is to be installed on the property.
  • How high it will extend above the highest part of the roof.
  • Its physical size (Make and Model number would be helpful).
  • Its colour.

If planning permission is needed.

If you have been advised that you need planning permission, you must fill in the relevant forms and formally apply for planning permission before installing any turbine.
There are no special wind turbine forms to do this. Please follow the procedure set out for Planning Applications - Submit a Planning Application online.

Other permission you may need.

If the proposal affects a Listed Building or is in one of the District's four Conservation Areas then additional consents may be necessary, even if planning permission is not required.
Your proposal may also need Building Regulation approval. This is a separate process and you should contact the Council's Building Control Advice - Building work over or near to a public sewer for further advice.

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