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What is Local Council Tax Support and Who Can Apply?

Local Council Tax Support is a welfare benefit administered by Basildon Council in order for provide financial support to people who are on a low income or unemployed, for the payment of Council Tax.

On 1st April 2013 the old Council Tax Benefit was replaced by the Local Council Tax Support scheme.  Every year each Local Authority must review its scheme.  This year, due to a cut in funding from central government Basildon Council has less money to pay out in Council Tax Support to people of working age. 

For full details of the scheme, see the following downloadable document:

To apply for Local Council Tax Support you must:

  • Be liable to pay Council Tax for your property
  • Be living in the property as your main home
  • Have less than £16,000 in savings

You may be issued a penalty of up to £70 if you fail to report a change in your circumstances within one month of the change.

This is a summary of the scheme from 1 April 2018

  • Anyone living in a property that is in Band E, F, G or H will have their level of support calculated as though they were in a Band D property
  • Working age households will be required to pay at least 25% of their Council Tax charge themselves
  • If another adult is living in a property, other than a partner, we can make a £10 per week deduction from the overall Local Council Tax Support regardless of their income
  • If the Local Council Tax Support you receive is £2.50 or less per week, then no payment of support will be made.
  • If you, your partner or a child that lives with you are receiving a disability benefit and meet the means test criteria for Local Council Tax Support, you will receive 75% of your Council Tax liability up to a maximum equivalent of a Band D property in your area.  

If you wish to make an application for this please click here Benefits - Apply For Housing Benefit And Local Council Tax Support.

Non Dependants

A non-dependant deduction means that your Council Tax Support is reduced if an adult who could contribute to your rent lives with you.  This applies even if you don't receive rent from the non- dependant person.  A non-dependant can be a parent, adult son or daughter, relative or friend who lives in your home.

Examples include a grown-up child who returns after studying, a relationship breakdown, or someone who has just finished serving in the forces.

No deductions for non-dependants are made if the customer or partner is:

  • blind or treated as blind
  • getting Attendance Allowance or the care component of Disability Living Allowance for themselves
  • getting the daily living component of Personal Independence Payment
  • getting the Armed Forces Independence Payment

The following deductions are made where the non-dependant is:

In receipt of Pension Credit, income support, income based JSA or income-related ESANil
In receipt of training allowance, full-time student (including students not working in summer vacation) co-owners or joint tenants, patients (for more than 52 weeks) or prisonersNil
Normally living elsewhereNil

For working age customers claiming Council Tax Support a £10 deduction is made for each non-dependant living in the property regardless of their income.

For pension age customers claiming Local Council Tax Support the following deductions are made where the non-dependant is:

Not in remunerative work£3.90
In remunerative work and with a gross weekly income less than £202.85£3.90
In remunerative work and with a gross weekly income not less than £202.85 but less than £351.65£7.90
In remunerative work and with a gross weekly income not less than £351.65 but less than £436.90£9.95
In remunerative work and with a gross weekly income not less than £436.90£11.90

If you require further assistance, or would like to discuss your financial situation you can get independent advice from the following organisations: - Information on public service in one place including up to date information on Housing Benefit.

Citizens Advice - The Citizens Advice Bureau provides a wide range of advice.

The Money Advice Service - Offers a range of money information including budgeting and debt management advice.

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