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Basildon Council Draft Housing Strategy 2017-2022

The borough wide public consultation on the draft housing strategy has now closed. As part of the consultation we also engaged with professional stakeholders in order to hear their views.

Draft Housing Strategy 2017-2022 cover page The feedback from these events is now being analysed and an assessment will be made as to how the feedback will influence the Housing Strategy. We may also undertake further consultation with groups that are underrepresented in the survey responses. Once the Housing Strategy has been finalised, later this year, it will be published on this website.

Meanwhile, you can still download or view the draft housing strategy for information purposes.

View the Draft Housing Strategy

You can download either the Executive Summary to view a summary of the Housing Strategy or the full Draft Housing Strategy consultation document, which has also been made available at a lower resolution for faster download.

pdf icon Basildon Council - Draft Housing Strategy 2017-2022 - Executive Summary [56kb].

pdf icon Basildon Council - Draft Housing Strategy 2017-2022 [17Mb].

pdf icon Basildon Council - Draft Housing Strategy 2017-2022 ( Low-res ) [1Mb] ( Low resolution = faster download).

We have also included this video presentation with voice-over which will take you through the key points as described in the Draft Housing Strategy Executive Summary. The video is in YOUTUBE format which enables the use of subtitles and translations when viewed on or at full-size.

Further information and enquiries

For further information, enquiries or assistance please contact us, see contact details below.

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