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Green Business Forum

The Green Business Forum is a partnership between local businesses and Basildon Borough Council

Green Business Forum FREE help for businesses on environmental matters

  • advice on ISO14001 certification
  • advice on legislation
  • exchange of ideas
  • free consultancy
  • grants
  • green business workshops
  • green transport planning
  • help with recycling
  • waste and energy audits  

Potential benefits to your business

  • better employee awareness
  • better environmental performance  
  • compliance with legislation
  • cost savings  
  • customer reassurance
  • improved efficiency

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Membership is free

Membership of the Green Business Forum is free and is open to any business or organisation, large or small in the Basildon Borough.

Aims and Objectives

We're here to help you to improve your efficiency and increase your profits through being "green"

The Green Business Forum's environmental consultant can visit your business to carry out free waste and energy audits, provide advice on legislation, help with environmental management systems and ISO 14001 Certification.


  • promote environmental awareness and best practice
  • provide help and advice on environmental issues 
  • improve a business's chances of winning new contracts
  • promote local trading and networking


  • waste management - to provide advice and support on minimising waste through reducing, reusing and recycling.
  • energy Reduction - to enable businesses to examine their own energy consumption and assess ways of reducing this.
  • natural resources - to enable businesses to examine their use of natural resources and assess ways of reducing this use.
  • legislation - to provide a single source of information and advice on environmental regulations.
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