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Essex Pop-up FABLAB Events at Wat Tyler Centre

FABLAB - Great events for businesses, entrepreneurs, students of all ages and local residents to explore the exciting world of cutting edge innovation.

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    Come and see us at the Essex Pop-up FABLABs

    The  Essex Pop-up FABLABs  are a great opportunity for businesses, entrepreneurs, students of all ages and local residents to explore the exciting world of cutting edge innovation at our Sunday events organised by FAB LAB Essex in association with Basildon Council.

    Links: FabLabs UKFabLabs Essex on facebook.

    Forthcoming events calendar

    For details of Essex Fablab meetings and events see:


    Wat Tyler Centre,
    Wat Tyler Country Park,
    Pitsea Hall Lane,
    SS16 4UH ( Wat Tyler Country Park )

      Forget "Do It Yourself": Fab Labs are about Do It Together

      • Fab Lab: noun, Fabrication Laboratory.  A fully-kitted workshop giving you the power to turn ideas and concepts into reality.
      • Fab Labs give people back "The Power of Making".
      • Fab Labs foster the entrepreneurial  spirit, by providing the space, equipment and help to rapidly turn ideas into working prototypes.
      • Fab Labs are a valuable resource for businesses, entrepreneurs, students of all ages and local residents

      What you can do there and whom it benefits

      Fab Lab UK  is a group of people who are passionate about regaining the ability to make stuff, and concerned that the UK is rapidly falling behind in the introduction of Fab Labs.

      Our mission is to mobilise the innate technical creativity in the UK, by getting industry, commerce, academia, and local and national government behind us, and creating a network of 50 Fab Labs across the UK within the next five years.

      In a Fab Lab you can:

      • Reconnect with the satisfaction of making things:
      • "Technological Empowerment" for the whole community: children, adults, seniors, businesses, schools, colleges, academia
      • Work together on projects, gaining technical training along the way
      • Work with your local community to solve local problems
      • Get help for your businesses to branch out into new fields, quickly and cheaply
      • Develop and research brand news ideas.

      Around the world people in Fab Labs are working on solar and wind-powered turbines, new IT ideas, new ideas for agriculture and healthcare, custom housing, and rapid-prototyping of machines(!)

      Fab Labs can benefit:

      • Businesses - Try out new ideas, Prototype new products in hours rather than weeks, Experiment with new technology
      • Students of all ages (Uni, College, Primary and Secondary School) - Learn new technology, develop creativity, Temaworking and practical skills
      • Local residents (old and young) - Learning new skills, Cross generation exchange of knowledge, Local employment, Social and community.

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