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Basildon Soup - Community Project Start-up Fundraising Events

Basildon Soup is a pilot initiative, that brings local people together, to raise start-up funding for small scale community projects in Basildon Borough.

Basildon Soup Brand Logo (Large) It's a simple idea and everyone's invited

For a minimum donation of £5 each, we invite everyone to come and enjoy a bowl of soup and a roll at one of our lunchtime Basildon Soup events.

During each event candidates who want funding to start a community project will pitch their ideas to the audience. When you have heard all the pitches, you can vote for the project you believe will benefit the local community most.

The candidate whose pitch wins the most votes at the end of the 'Soup' event will be awarded all the day's donations, which will go towards the start-up costs of their project.

'Pitch' your community project idea to Basildon Soup for a chance to win a cash donation.

Basildon Soup - Submit a proposal If you have an idea for a community project and would like to pitch it at a future Basildon Soup event for a chance of winning a cash donation, all you have to do is complete our online form, see link below...

We will get in touch and arrange for you to pitch your idea at a Basildon Soup event.

You don't have to have charity status, we simply want people who feel their idea will really benefit the community.

Your Basildon Soup 'pitch' should only be about 5 minutes long, with another 5 minutes for questions, see 'How it Works' for details...

Next Basildon Soup event - Spring 2018 - Everyone's invited

Following the success of our first ever Basildon Soup event in April 2017, we plan to hold our next event sometime during the Spring months of 2018.

Dates and details will be announced here as soon as they become available.

Help and support welcome

If you would like to get involved in future Basildon Soup events, either by:

  • helping out on the day
  • running a stall (charities, groups and individuals are welcome to bring along things to sell or share)

or if you would like to support any of the projects who have appeared at a Soup event then do please get in touch with us, see contact details at bottom of page.

Further information and enquiries

For regular news and updates on Basildon Soup see:

If you would like further information on any of the topics above please get in touch with one of the Community Involvement Team members, see contact details below.

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