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Basildon CSP - Gangs and Serious Organised Crime

Each CSP priority has a Local Delivery Group with an identified lead officer who is responsible for driving delivery and activity contained in the action plans.

Gangs Intelligence Meetings

The Intelligence meetings take place on a monthly basis.

The purpose of the meeting is for key partners to address 'gang' related criminal activity in the Borough by sharing intelligence on the top 10 individuals, identified by Essex Police who are scored through a matrix criteria to identify their links to gang related activity, and their involvement in drugs and violence. 

The overall aim of the group is for partners to support Essex Police's Operation Raptor team and offer an overall approach to deterring and interrupting gang related activity in the Borough.

Partners share information on the identified individuals and agree key plans to:

  • Identify disruption tactics
  • Implement enforcement activity
  • Where necessary signpost particularly vulnerable individuals to support services

Gangs Case Management Meetings

The Case Management meetings take place on a fortnightly basis.

The purpose of the meeting is for key partners to discuss individual cases of those young people or adults who have been identified as possibly being on the periphery of becoming or in some cases already involved in criminal activity linked to 'gangs/drugs' in the borough.

Partners aim to create a plan of appropriate interventions and/or enforcement based on the intelligence and risk that has been identified for each individual following the completion of the risk assessment toolkit.

The aim of the meeting is to:

  • Reduce the number of young people becoming involved in gangs by targeting appropriate intervention and support at the earliest opportunity
  • Providing support to vulnerable adults already involved in gang activity by targeting appropriate support or where necessary enforcement to deter their criminality/associations
  • Manage each case independently and targeting the level of support appropriately to each individual

Basildon CSP are also linked to the County wide and cross border activity to address gang related issues including but not limited to:

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