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Electoral Canvass

The electoral canvass is carried out on a yearly basis. It is used to ensure that the data we have on the electoral register is accurate and up to date.

Household Enquiry Form

The 2017 canvass has now concluded. The next annual canvass will begin in July 2018.

A household enquiry form will be hand delivered to each property under our authority. These forms will detail who we currently hold on our electoral register at the property. It will be one form per household.

If all the details are correct on your form then there are four available options for you to inform us of this.

  • Freephone 0800 197 9871
  • Text NOCHANGE followed by your security code to 80212
  • Online at
  • Post by completing the form and sending it back to us (in the prepaid reply envelope)

If any of the details are wrong there are two available options for you to inform us of this.

If anyone has moved out of the property but their details are still on the form, please cross out their name and send the form back to us (in the prepaid reply envelope)

The household enquiry form is not a registration form, but you do need to complete it. The information you provide on the form will enable us to send a separate individual registration form to all the people in your household who are eligible and need to register. Those who are eligible can also register online at GOV.UK - Register to vote

What happens next ?

If you have confirmed that there are no changes and all the information is correct using one of the four options above, we won't write to you again as part of the canvass.

If you have provided us with new information and there are individuals in your property that need to be registered, we will send each individual an invitation to register. This form will require the individual to provide us with their date of birth, national insurance number and nationality. The form will also ask the individual to provide their previous address if they have moved within the last twelve months and to provide any details of a name change if this has also occurred within the last twelve months. This form will then ask the individual whether they would like to be included in the open register or not and will also give them the opportunity to apply for a postal / proxy vote.

The individual can either post back the form in the prepaid envelope provided or go to GOV.UK - Register to vote to complete the application.


If we do not receive a reply from a household after the initial household enquiry form has been sent we will send reminder forms.  

Personal Visit

If we do not receive a reply after all the reminders have been sent, we will visit your property to help us complete the canvass.  The visits will be conducted by a canvasser who will have Basildon Council identification badge.


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