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Report A Possible Breach Of Planning Control

Unauthorised developments can have serious and adverse impacts upon neighbouring properties and the local environment. Report any you know of online here.

The Council's Planning Enforcement Service wants to know about possible breaches of planning control, including cases where:

  • Building work is underway, or has been undertaken, without the required planning permission
  • Conditions attached to planning consents are not being complied with
  • There are, or have been, unauthorised changes in the use of land and/or buildings.

You can assist the Planning Enforcement process by including as much information as possible when reporting a possible breach of planning control. Things to consider are:

  • The date the activity you are reporting started
  • The exact location where the activity you are reporting is taking place
  • The names and addresses of owners, occupiers, builders or agents
  • The effect the activity is having on amenity, for example: noise, traffic or smell
  • Keeping a written record of events connected with the activity you are reporting, such as a diary or a daily log
  • Keeping a photographic record with dates of events connected with the activity you are reporting.

Report a possible breach of planning control (Unauthorised development)

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that Basildon Council will not normally investigate of the following types of complaint:

  • anonymous complaints - unless it relates to a potentially serious breach of planning control
  • persistent complaints which have previously been investigated and resolved
  • vexatious or malicious complaints.
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