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Planning Enforcement Service Standards

The standards of service you can expect from Basildon Council's Planning Enforcement Team when dealing with alleged breaches of planning control.

The standards of service you can expect from Planning Enforcement staff dealing with alleged breaches of planning control are laid down in Basildon Council's Regulatory Services Enforcement Policy.

See: pdf icon Regulatory Services Enforcement Policy - Appendix H: Planning Enforcement [811kb] for details.

In accordance with the Basildon Council's objectives the Planning Enforcement Team will:

  • Investigate all reasonable complaints.
  • Prioritise complaints in according to their urgency and potential harm.
  • Take enforcement action where it is expedient to remedy harmful consequences and when it is in the wider public interest.
  • Ensure that formal action will be proportionate to a breach of planning control.

Where a planning control is breached the Planning Enforcement Team will investigate the matter. In cases where legal action is required it should be noted that the legal process is often lengthy and complex and an instant response or resolution cannot be guaranteed. 

The Planning Enforcement Team will investigate concerns relating to:

  • Unauthorised building works and any other physical works that fall within the statutory definition of development.
  • Unauthorised material changes of use to a building or land.
  • Unauthorised display of advertisements.
  • Unauthorised work to listed buildings.
  • Unauthorised demolition of some buildings.
  • Untidy land that is harmful to the amenity of a neighbourhood or a particular part of the green belt: or
  • Breaches of planning conditions that have been applied to planning permission.

The Planning Enforcement Team will not investigate concerns relating to:

  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Land ownership dispute
  • Boundary disputes
  • Breaches of covenants
  • Works on Council owned property
  • Obstruction of a highway
  • Statutory nuisance (excessive noise, pollution)
  • Trespassing


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