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Council Tax - Disability Reduction

Council Tax can be reduced on properties that have certain facilities for any disabled person who lives there, including children.

To qualify for a reduction in your Council Tax because of a disability, the additional facilities must be essential or of major importance for the disabled person living there.

The facilities for which we may give the discount are:

  • If there is a room, other than a kitchen, bathroom or lavatory in the property that is predominantly used for meeting the needs of the disabled person for example: a room that is now mainly used for treatment or therapy, or the storage of equipment used by the disabled person will qualify.
  • If there is a second kitchen or bathroom, which is used for meeting the needs of the disabled person (please note that a second lavatory only will not qualify),
  • If there is a disabled person who needs to use a wheelchair indoors and there is space for them to do so.

We will give the discount by lowering the level of Council Tax by one valuation band. For example, if the property is in Band E, the Council Tax will be reduced to the charge for a Band D. If the property is in Band A (which is the lowest tax band) we will reduce the Council Tax by one ninth.

Apply for a Council Tax Disability Reduction

Please be advised; failure to notify us of a change in your circumstances within 21 days, or applying for a discount or exemption you are not entitled to, will result in a penalty of up to £280 being issued.

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