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Our commitment to tackle anti-social behaviour

Basildon Council is committed to the belief that all residents have the right to enjoy peace, quiet and security in and around their homes.

Basildon Council believes that every resident has a responsibility not to interfere with their neighbours' right to the peaceful enjoyment of their home.

We are also fully committed to ensuring that residents are fully able to enjoy these rights and we recognise that left unchallenged, any anti-social behaviour (ASB) can have a significant negative impact on the lives of our residents.

As a vital part of that commitment we employ a team of trained Community Wardens backed up by a specialist Anti-Social Behaviour Team which has been established in partnership with Basildon Council.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Team and our Community Wardens have a duty to tackle anti-social behaviour in accordance with the RESPECT Standard for Housing Management .

In June 2011 Basildon Council officially signed up to the RESPECT Charter for Housing Management making a public commitment to deliver quality services in accordance with the charter, and to create a culture of respect on its estates.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Team works with Essex Police and the Local Community Safety Group, as well as other agencies and local residents, to tackle anti-social behaviour and its causes.

When confronted with anti-social behaviour our Anti-Social Behaviour Team will always recommend trying and work out any problems by talking to those involved rather than taking enforcement action.

However should this fail, we will take all necessary action against those causing an anti-social behaviour problem within a community.

Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

Section 12 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003 introduced Section 218A of the Housing Act 1996, which placed a requirement on all social landlords (local housing authorities, Registered Social landlords and Housing Action Trusts) to prepare and publish statements and summaries of their policies and procedures in relation to Anti-social behaviour.

Basildon Council's Anti-social behaviour policy and procedure has been put in place to ensure that tenants and residents of Basildon can clearly see the commitment that is made by Basildon Council to tackling ASB within the Borough and what happens when Anti-social behaviour is reported. It explains in detail the resources available to tackle Anti-social behaviour and what action Basildon Council can take.

Downloadable: pdf icon Basildon Council - Anti-social Behaviour Policy 2013 [2Mb]

The RESPECT Charter for Housing Management

Basildon Council is officially committed to delivering services in accordance with the RESPECT Charter for Housing Management.

The RESPECT Charter for Housing Management outlines the core commitments essential to delivering an effective response to anti- social behaviour.

The RESPECT Charter's seven core ASB commitments

  1. We demonstrate leadership and strategic commitment - There is strong leadership, corporate commitment and accountability about preventing and tackling ASB. This is embedded throughout our business and across key partners.
  2. We provide an accessible and accountable service - All our tenants can easily report ASB and access the service. Tenants are provided with useful and timely information and are actively encouraged to influence how we deliver the service.
  3. We take swift action to protect communities - We take prompt, appropriate and decisive action to deal with ASB before it escalates. In doing so, we adopt a problem-solving approach and have regard to the full range of tools and legal powers available.
  4. We adopt a supportive approach to working with victims and witnesses - Our approach to case working demonstrates a strong focus on identifying and minimising risk.
  5. We encourage individual and community responsibility - We work with community groups and partners to promote tolerance and responsibility amongst our tenants and the wider community.
  6. We have a clear focus on prevention and early intervention - The preventative measures we use are tailored towards the needs of our tenants and their families. We also provide, whether directly or via our partners, effective support to enable perpetrators to change their behaviour.
  7. We ensure that a value for money approach is embedded in our service - We can demonstrate a strong focus in securing efficiency and effectiveness by balancing cost and quality.

The Basildon Council action plan to meet the RESPECT Charter for Housing Management includes:

  • Working closely with residents and tenants, listening to people and giving people the chance to influence decisions;
  • Taking anti-social behaviour seriously, prevent it happening and if it does, tackling problems, such as those connected with drugs or alcohol, quickly and effectively through early intervention, mediation, or clear warnings;
  • Providing advice and assistance, tailored services for residents and tenants, and support for victims; making it easy for people to complain and provide ongoing support for witnesses who wish to give evidence;
  • Protecting local communities through quick enforcement -these include Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs), Injunctions, Final Warnings, and Evictions.
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