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Targeted Training and Recruitment

Basildon Council supports and encourages the creation of local employment and training opportunities with apprenticeships and the use local labour where at all possible.

Basildon Council asks that our Economic Development Team is notified of any additional employment opportunities that are generated as a result of a business either working with Basildon Council, or having been awarded a contract for works by Basildon Council.

This is to ensure that local people can be notified and given sufficient time to apply for any available opportunities and for the Contractor to receive our full support in filling any additional vacancies and addressing any skills gap where necessary.

For general recruitment purposes when seeking to employ additional personnel as a direct result of working with Basildon Council

Basildon Council works closely with Jobcentre Plus which is able to offer a full recruitment service, matching local job seekers to job vacancies as well as offering sector based work academies which train groups of job seekers specifically to meet employers' skills needs.

Options for work trials and employer subsidies may also be available to employers.

For recruitment on construction and construction related contracts

Basildon Council has a Memorandum of Understanding with Prospects College in respect of recruiting apprentices for construction and construction related contracts.

The Basildon Council/Prospects College offer includes:

  • Identifying options for apprentices and 'shared' apprentices
  • Testing and recruitment of suitable apprentices for final screening and selection by employer
  • Assistance with administration process and formal Apprenticeship Learning Agreement
  • Assistance with identifying and securing any financial support available
  • Consideration of each contractor's work plan and labour loadings to identify appropriate time for recruitment
  • Joined up approach to employment related activity, including making best use of any short term contracts

Prospects College is a Group Training Association and the training offered is directed by the skills needs of employers in the construction and construction-related sector.

The Group Training Association also offers additional benefits from Prospects College including access to grants and subsidies available for apprentices or training current workforce.

Further information and support

Jobcentre Plus

PROCAT - Prospects College of Advanced Technology

Basildon Council Economic Development Team

  • See contact details below
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