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Permission for Housing Tenants to Keep Pets

Tenants of Basildon Council need permission to keep pets. Tenants of private landlords and housing associations usually need permission to keep pets

Permission for Basildon Council tenants to keep pets

Basildon Council tenants must have permission to keep pets in council rented homes.

It is forbidden to keep animals or pets in Basildon Council rented garages.

We will not refuse a tenant permission to keep a pet without good reason. However, some homes (such as flats in blocks) may not be considered suitable for some types of pet.

The following conditions apply to all tenants who are granted permission to keep a pet:

  • pets must be kept under control at all times,
  • pets must not cause any nuisance to neighbours
  • pets must not foul shared areas or estate roads, footpaths and green areas
  • pets must be kept under control when Basildon Council staff or contractors visit your home.

 Council tenants who wish to keep animals or pets should submit their request for permission to Basildon Council's Tenancy and Estate Management Team, see contact details below.

Permission for Basildon Council sheltered housing tenants to keep pets

Residents in council sheltered housing accommodation are generally permitted to keep pets.

If you live in a council sheltered housing scheme, please seek advice from your scheme co-ordinator regarding pets.

If you are considering moving into a sheltered housing scheme, please seek advice from the scheme co-ordinator regarding pets when you view the sheltered housing.

Permission for private landlord or housing association tenants to keep animals or pets

Private landlord and housing association tenancy agreements:

  • often require you to seek permission before getting pets of any type
  • often require you to seek permission before getting pets of a certain type
  • may restrict you from having pets of any type.

You should seek advice from your landlord or housing association for clarification on any restrictions.

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