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Careline - Schedule of Charges from April 2016

Careline Logo 245x52 New customers entitled to 12 weeks free of charge

Basildon Careline works in partnership with Essex County Council to assist people who would benefit from telecare services. One of the benefits of this partnership is that we can provide new customers with their Careline alarm and pendant or wristband free of charge for their first twelve weeks. Please note that payment for a Careline alarm and pendant or wristband will only be accepted by direct debit and may be payable in advance, before the end of the free 12 week period.

Downloadable: pdf icon Basildon Careline - Charges and Fees 2016-2017 [45kb]

Eligibility for VAT Exemption

If you are chronically sick or disabled and you have completed a VAT Exemption Form you will be entitled to pay for Careline services at the VAT Exempt price (zero-rated for VAT).

It you are not eligible for VAT exemption then you must pay for Careline services at the VAT Included price.

Careline schedule of weekly charges from April 2015


Payment  frequency

VAT Exempt

VAT Included

Careline alarm with pendant or wrist band




Extension lead (phone or electric)

One-off payment



Double British Telecom (BT) Adaptor

One-off payment



Broadband filter

One-off payment



Additional equipment


Alarm with up to 4 extra pieces of equipment.




Alarm with up to 5 extra pieces of equipment




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