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It is vitally important to Basildon Council that we provide a top notch housing service and that means putting residents at the heart of what we do.

About Resident Involvement and the Resident Compact Image icon - Group of people We are committed to involving our tenants and leaseholders. We have a consultation framework that encourages participation, involvement and consultation for all aspects of housing and community. Arrangements are detailed in the Resident Compact. The Tenant and Leaseholder Representatives Image icon - Borough Map icon Our Tenant and Leaseholder Representatives play an active role in the community and have an advisory role in helping to shape and determine future housing policy and services. The Tenant and Leaseholder Panel Image icon - Conversation Become a Tenant and Leaseholder Panel Representative and meet regularly to communicate your ideas and opinions to Basildon Council. The Tenant Scrutiny Panel Image icon - Scroll Tenants and leaseholders need the Tenant Scrutiny Panel in order to: scrutinise our performance, identify areas for improvement, influence future service delivery and investigate complaints. The Sheltered Housing Focus Group Image icon - Sheltered housing The Sheltered Housing Focus Group is a decision-making group for all matters relating to Sheltered Housing. The Sheltered Housing Forum Image icon - Sheltered housing The Sheltered Housing Forum is designed to be an information sharing meeting for all Sheltered Housing residents. The Leaseholder Panel Image icon - Scroll The Leaseholder Panel considers leasehold issues and the implications of Leasehold Legislation upon Leaseholders' rights. The Core Groups Image icon - Group of people Basildon Council's five Core Groups meet to consider matters concerning services provided to tenants by Basildon Council and its contractors. The Compact Assessment Board Image icon - Scroll The Compact Assessment Board (CAB) is responsible for overseeing any changes that are made to the Resident Compact.
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