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Site Satisfaction

Do visitors to our site leave having found what they wanted to do easily?

The following statistics show how our site was rated during November 2017.

The values come from a survey that 1 in 5 new visitors to our website are asked to complete when they leave the site.

Each user is only asked the questions once, unless there has been a change in the questionnaire in which case they may be asked to complete the survey again.

Did you find what you were looking for?83.68% yes, or yes partly
How likely are you to return to this website in the future?83.67% responded likely or very likely.
When asked about the General Look and Feel of the website

89.80% OK or better

When asked about the Ease of Getting Around the Site

85.72% OK or better

When asked about the Ease of finding specific information73.47% OK or better
How satisfied were you with your visit today

81.64% OK or better

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