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Environmental Control - Service Aim

To protect and enhance the environment of the Basildon Borough Council area.

Basildon Council's Environmental Health Service delivers a wide range of services aimed at safeguarding the environment and improving the health, safety and wellbeing of our community. These include:

Animal Control

· Pest Control - advice and enforcement

· Control of stray dogs

· Promoting responsible pet management

Food Safety

· Inspection of food businesses - enforcement and advice

· Investigation of complaints about food and food sampling

· Provision of food hygiene training courses.


· Tackling unsatisfactory conditions in private rented accommodation

· Inspection and licensing of houses in multiple occupation

· Detection of overcrowding

· Grants for making repairs, improvements or adaptations to homes

· Advice on tenant harassment or illegal evictions


· Various licensing and registration functions

· Regulating alcohol and entertainment, gambling, taxis, skin piercing, animal establishments and charitable collections.

Occupational Health and Safety

· Inspection of workplaces - enforcement and advice

· Investigation of accidents at work.

· Investigation of complaints about health and safety at work

Pollution Control

· Air, land, water pollution monitoring and control.

· Authorisation of industrial processes that discharge to the atmosphere.

· Stopping statutory nuisances

· Rectifying defective private drainage systems

Public Health

· Investigating food poisoning outbreaks and control of communicable disease

· Promoting public health initiatives

· Enforcement of 'Smoke free Regulations'

Green Business Forum

· Partnership between local businesses and Basildon Council

Promotes environmental awareness and best practice

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