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Report Squatters and Unauthorised Occupants

If you become aware of squatters or unauthorised occupants in a council property please let us know.

Empty Council properties are usually awaiting repair, redecoration or re-letting and we are keen to ensure that they stay empty so that someone on the waiting list has the opportunity to find a home.

The laws on squatting are quite complex and the Council cannot simply evict a person who is squatting. However if any tenant becomes aware of squatters in a property that they know should be vacant, perhaps one tenant has moved out and another has not yet moved in, we would be grateful if the tenant would advise us and we can then commence the action. This applies generally to unknown and suspicious occupants. The Council cannot be expected to know what is happening in all the properties that it owns and we greatly appreciate the information we receive from our tenants.

Online Form: Notify us of Squatters / Unauthorised Occupants in Council Housing

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