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Advice for Residents

Even in times of relative stability there is a need to plan for the unexpected and unpredictable events that may touch our lives at any time and in a number of ways.

These events can be triggered by a variety of influences including weather, accidents and terrorism to name a few. Guidelines for dealing with possible emergency situations has been produced to provide basic information to help residents prepare for a major incident or accident, and help keep you, your family and property safe.

Advice for Residents - Flooding Image icon Flood icon The majority of Basildon Borough is at low risk of flooding, but do you know what to do if it happens to you? Advice for Residents - High Winds Image icon Wind icon High winds are the most common cause of weather related damage in the UK. Advice for Residents - Emergency Supply Kit Image icon - Medical Information and a list of supplies that may help you in an emergency. Advice for Residents - Evacuation Image icon - Information What to do if you are told to evacuate your home or workplace. Advice for Residents - Taking Shelter Image icon - Megaphone What you must do if you are told to: "Go In, Stay In, Tune In". Advice for Residents - Care of animals and pets. Dog Dealing with animals and pets during an emergency. Advice for Residents - Winter Weather image icon - Snow The following information will help to keep you and your family safe in winter weather. Advice for Residents - Fire Image icon - Gas flame A fire in your home is by far the biggest risk to your family and property. Advice for Residents - Lightning Image icon Lightening icon Do not believe the sayings about lightning, can strike in the same place twice, it doesn't always strike the highest object and it always hits the best conductor. Advice for Residents - Fog Image icon Fog icon Travelling in fog can be dangerous; it can be patchy and drift rapidly. The Met Office issues warnings of fog when visibility is forecast to fall below 200 metres. Advice for Residents - Heat Wave Image icon - Sun In periods of high heat you may become dehydrated and your body may overheat, leading to heat exhaustion or heatstroke. Advice for Residents - Toxic Chemical or Radiation Release. Image icon - Toxic Although these incidents are rare it is important to know what to do when warned of an incident.
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