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Information on how to register and vote for overseas and homeless electors.

Who can register as an Overseas voter ?

If you are a UK Citizen living abroad, you can apply to be an Overseas voter as long as you have been registered to vote in the UK in the last 15 years.

If you were too young to register on the electoral register when you left the UK, you may still be able to register as an Overseas voter. You can do this if your parent or guardian was registered to vote in the UK, and left the UK no more than 15 years ago.

What elections are Overseas electors eligible to vote in?

As an Overseas elector, you are only eligible to vote in UK Parliamentary Elections, Referendums and European Parliamentary Elections.

How to register as an Overseas Elector?

To register to vote as an Overseas elector you can go to the following website link and complete the online application. GOV.UK - Register to vote 

If you are able to, it would be very beneficial for you to provide an email address when prompted to on the online application. This is so that if we need to contact you, this will be a lot quicker than sending a letter through the post.

How to vote as an Overseas Elector?

To vote by postal/proxy you will need to complete another application form. These application forms can be downloaded from Elections - Postal Votes and Proxy Votes

You can choose your method of voting depending on your personal circumstances.  When making your voting choice you need to be aware that it is recommended for an Overseas elector to select a proxy vote due to the length of time a postal vote may take.

Voting by Post

If you live abroad you can apply to vote by post. You need to make sure you have time to receive and return your ballot papers by polling day. If you don't think you can return them in time, you may want to consider voting by proxy.

Voting by Proxy

If you're abroad you can apply to cast your vote by proxy. This means you can appoint someone to vote on your behalf. The proxy will need to attend your registered polling station in the UK so it would be beneficial to appoint a person that lives or would be able to attend the polling station you were registered to when living in the UK. If you are unable to do this your proxy is able to apply for a proxy postal vote.

Voting in Person

If you happen to be in the UK on the day of an election, you can always vote in person at a polling station.

However, if you have appointed a proxy you can only do this if your proxy has not already voted on your behalf. If you have a postal vote, you cannot be issued with a ballot paper in the polling station but you can hand in your completed postal ballot at the polling station.

For more detailed information on the voting choices please go to Elections - Postal Votes and Proxy Votes

For more information please visit the About my Vote website page Your Vote Matters - Overseas Voters


Homeless Electors

You can still register to vote even if you do not have a fixed address.

If you are staying at an address for an extended period of time then you can be considered as residing there and will be eligible to register for that address.

If you do not have a permanent address and you do not spend an extended amount of time at any residential address then you may still be able to register by completing a 'No fixed address' form.

For more information please visit the About my Vote website page  Your Vote Matters - People with no fixed address

Application to Register Forms

pdf icon Electoral Commission - Oversea Registration Form - Jan 2017 [208kb]

pdf icon Electoral Commission - Register to vote no fixed address - Oct 2016 [164kb]

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