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Planning applications - General checklist

Our planning applications general checklist will help you to avoid some of the more common mistakes and reduce the risk of unnecessary delays.

Please make sure that you have filled in all relevant parts of the application form including any certificates.

When submitting a written application, please ensure that you have written clearly with a black pen as we may need to make additional copies.

Please make sure you have signed and dated the forms and certificates.

Please make sure that measurements in all figures and drawings are in metric scale (i.e. in centimetres and metres). Any information received in imperial scale (i.e. feet and inches) can not be accepted and so will cause a delay in processing your application.

PLEASE NOTE: If any of the information is missing or incorrect, the Council cannot start to process your application until the problem has been put right. This will delay the decision on any proposal. You are therefore strongly encouraged to use this advice when preparing to submit your application.

Step 1- Fully complete the correct set of planning application forms

When submitting an application in writing:

Depending on the type of application, a different set of forms will have to be submitted as part of your application.

We need five copies of the application as we may need to consult other interested parties such as your neighbours, Parish Council or the Environment Agency when processing your application.

Multiple copies save time on consultation. Photocopies of the original are permitted.

Here are the most commonly requested planning application forms:

View a complete list of Planning Application Forms you can download

PLEASE NOTE: If your application affects a Listed Building or is in a Conservation Area you may need to include a separate Listed Building Consent or Conservation Area Consent Form, along with your Planning Application. See Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas.

Step 2 

Prepare and enclose drawings, photographs and other supporting information.

See Drawing Requirements for further information

Step 3

Complete the correct certificates that may be necessary as part of your application

See Certificates

Step 4

Submit the correct application fee

See Planning Application Fees.

Step 5

Enclose a covering letter with any other information that you think will be important for the Council to know when considering your application.

Step 6 -Submit your application

When you have all the information required for your application you should submit by post to:    
Planning Services
Basildon Council
St. Martin's Square
SS14 1DL    
Alternatively, you may hand deliver your application to the Planning Services Reception 

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