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Planning Applications- The various types

There are many different types of planning applications.

If you cannot find any information on the type of planning application you are interested in here or if you are not sure what sort of planning application you require then please contact Planning Services .

The following types of planning applications are those most commonly applied for: 

Outline Application 

An outline application is submitted to establish whether development is acceptable in principle. Detailed plans are not usually submitted at this stage, although the Council may ask for more details.

Outline permission is valid for three years, but the period extends for up to five years if reserved matters are applied for.

Reserved matters applications are put forward after outline-planning consent has been obtained and MUST be applied for within three years of the outline consent being granted.

PLEASE NOTE:- From 10th August 2006, the requirements for submitting Outline Applications and Reserved Maters changed. Please refer to our information leaflet - pdf icon Outline Planning Applications Guidance Note 2006 [20kb]   for further information.

Full Application 

A full application is the most common type of application in which the full details of the proposal, drainage and access arrangements, siting and design are all included for consideration.

Full planning applications usually include domestic applications. Planning permission will usually last for three years from the decision date.

Approval of Reserved Matters 

Approval of Reserved Matters is required following the granting of an outline application. A reserved matters application sets out outstanding details of the proposal including access arrangements, siting, design and landscaping, while taking into account any conditions that have been given in the original outline consent.

Listed Building Consent Application 

Any works to a Listed Building in any way that affects its character (including some internal alterations) require Listed Building Consent for the works from the Council.

PLEASE NOTE: Listed Building Consent is required in addition to planning permission..

Advertisement Consent Application.

Advertisement Consent relates to the erection or display of advertisements, which may need planning permission from the Council.

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